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Gupta Agarbatti Udyog is a leading firm with interests in agar battis (incense stricts) and dhoop battis. The firm is located in semi urban area of Tikait Nagar, in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh.

The origin of the firm can be traced back to 1991 when a young enterpreneurs Mr. Jagdish Prasad Vaishya founded Gupta Agarbatti Udyog with a single brand name (Anand Small). After a run of several years, this brand has been abandoned now. At that time the owners where themselves retailing the commodity they produced.

In 1955, the firm’s command passed on to Mr. Ramesh Gupta, younger brother of Mr. Vaishya. The very next year, Mr. Gupta introduced another brand Anand Four in One. Within two years, that is, in 1998 four more brands were introduced. From this year, Mr. Gupta paid attention to building a network of stockists and distributors. Along side, he is also introduced modern practices of management. These steps have results in rapid growth of the firm.

At present, the firm has 41 brands of incense sticks, dhoop battis and Havan Samagri and more than 300 stockists and distributors.

Utmost care is taken to ensure purity of the product. The workers are not allowed inside the production sheds with their shoes and they have to wash their hands before commencing the work. No worker is allowed to smoke or chew tobacco or paan inside the factory premises.